Saturday, June 06, 2015


In and Out

Our whole company involved The Box. You stayed
locked in, or burst out.

That is you did things traditional, Steady-Eddie, or
you innovated.

Most of us stuck with good ole Eddie.

The innovators could get wild! A crazy bunch.

The whole business proved workable for most
companies, but ours, finally, got stuck.

At first, this handled by everybody going into
the community one day a week. But, such action
turned out wretchedly since the community 
harbored hatred, but didn't have a way to fully
express it until now.

In the Board Emergency Meeting, Dr Renslow
shouted "What we need is The Man on Horseback!"

Thus we got Carlos...then a string of ten names.
Cadiz royalty of sorts, and Olympic Equestrian.

We pasted to HQ windows the day he rode in, accoutered
in silver, on his pale horse.

Well, he was interested in only half the work force,
the women.

A big scandal followed many petty ones, and out he
galloped, an embracing female assistant in back of him.
Nude. Yes, that’s what I said.

New CEO, Rhodine Dirks, aka The Ax Woman!

She went so far with it, she fired herself!

This much chaos, the Master of All Chaos had
to step in: The Government!

So we really work for Uncle now! And are
therefore subject to the scathings of
Congressional Committees.

The Republicans praise the box dwellers:
rock-ribbed, American Values, etc.

They damn the burster-outers as Socialists,
responsible for the ills of the company and
the world.

The Democrats came in and put through an
anti-hierarchy bill. Now we have no positions
of authority. But, no, we don't call each other

The Next Chapter? Well, there can't be one, really.
Just been named a Department. And now a cabinet
seat for the former Sad Randolph, The Totally
Defunct and Ragged Cowboy Clown.

He’ll be the best cabinet officer ever, no contest!

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Annual bonuses replaced with blue ribbons for all.
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