Thursday, October 15, 2015


A Baby in Something

Just One Crisis
Hopey, somehow, became a sort of project
manager for the new condos being built
for artists.

He had been merely one who scraped a
down-payment for an efficiency apartment.

The Plumbers Union president astounded by pulling 

his members from the site!

Shouting at Hopey “It’s a 14E job and you want 14!”

What could that mean? He went into the plans on his
computer, but could find nothing.

Then he became paralyzed. Hours fled. Finally called
the only true adult he knew. A former big man who
knew others. “You sound like a dove that flew into the
side of a building. He looks dead, then staggers
a bit, but in the end, flies away!”

“I’m...looking dead!”

A scheme hatched where this Smit would phone a city bigshot.
In An entirely different department, but he, in turn, knew
who else to call.

Plus, Hopey had to reach as many people as possible
at Licenses and Inspections.

He did, re 14, 14E, and was soaked and dazed at the end.

The following day, the union guy came to his cramped
office and screamed. Hopey screamed back. Both men
grew exhausted and the union chief finally whispered,
“We’ll all come back tomorrow, but you’re absolutely
assuring me the work lands between 14 and 14E.
I don’t want any freakin legalities!”

Hopey phoned his new mentor that night to thank him.
He sensed an atmosphere of patient realism, and thus
exclaimed “I know. I know! I’m a baby!”

“Everybody’s a baby in something. You grow up
because people depend on you.”

“Don’t! Don’t depend on me! Ever! I can’t fuckin stand it!”

“Do you believe in God?”

Dead air, and then “No.”

“Too bad.”

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