Saturday, March 05, 2016


Short in a Matter

Sully and Gronk

-You're incompetent in the area!

-Add an s. Areas. I don't specialize.

-Agreed! But I'm interested in the one.

-Being an accountant. And narrow of mind.
Well, stop worrying. I get by financially.

-Never enough. The world swallows those who...!

-Look at me! Do I look swallowed?

-One step from the ditch.

-When I get there, will be the final one.

-Uh huh? Fatalism and Incompetence.
A defining pair.

-And what of grasping little you?

-Right with Money and God!

-The former is your God. No other need apply.

-No Irish need apply!...they said once.

-You're the Irisher. I'm just a stupid Polack.

-Thick as shit!

-I'll take anything to be thick as. Just so I'm
not thin as the drinks in here. Speaking of
which, did you ever think of buying one, or
indeed, any form of human charity?

-Not on the docket.

-Never chained to any nice custom?

-Perhaps if your girlfriend showed up.
Then the company would be worth it.

-She's due momentarily.

-I can't get over it. YOU'VE got a girlfriend!
And I, your superior in looks and intellect...

-Hit the bachelor floor when you pee. Women
teach us aim.

-You have no aims, none!

-Ah, but I have her! Worth her weight in your
desired gold!

-Then I should trade for one! I've got the...

-Ladies desire some smidgen of personality also.

-Where are you two...?

-The Flower Show.

-Fine! Aromas and pretty sights to forget
reality again!

-Wrong again. The flower show IS reality.
Thank whatever gods there be!

-Just another way to delay that inevitable

-We're fighting it! And she's worth ten
times her weight in tigers!

-Can't be! You said gold.



-Come on along! Three's not a crowd mid
roses and zinnias.

-I'd rather die.

-And, we'll treat! To extract you, however
temporarily, from the prison of your thought.

-You said the magic word!

-Whatever costs nothing, you embrace. And!...
you'll meet a woman there, I guarantee.

-Yeah, but I'm realistic. Any young lady will
eventually be a small expense.

-Think of her that way. They love that!

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