Saturday, May 28, 2016


A Dolf That Will Live In Infamy!

not quite

 -What're YOU? The little HITLER
around here?

He had heard that before, but
seldom ordered anyone around

Almost never. The Employee Reports,
in fact, asked for more assertion!

Oh well, he was mostly a solo act.
Troubleshooting Auditor sent in
when others smelled fish, but couldn't
pin the figures down.

Now he had to jolly Andi, his live-in
girlfriend. He did that pretty well--
for a tinpot dictator.

Then she insisted he slink around like
Chaplin or Groucho Marx, heiling the cats,

who popped in and out, enjoying the game.

It all ended in laughter. Whereupon he
did his best at sex.

-It's a strange world, and we're strange!

Andi always ended in such a formulation
before they slept.

Staring into the mirror like a Swedish actress.

He told her he had fun with it.

She informed him that he was her 

Snuggle Bunny!

Soon asleep in tiny breaths, the cats 

joining them one by one.

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Pretty normal scene, except for one or two details.
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