Tuesday, November 01, 2016


The man who knew little else

often fell back on his
five favorite subjects.

Then one day he forgot
even them.

He didn't panic, having seen
similar in his older friends
at the diner.

Stayed in his room a week
and studied five new subjects.

Acutally, one wasn't new, but
he didn't know it.

Off to the diner, then with a sort of
unwritten diploma he granted himself.

He did well in disputes when he steered
the discussion to one of his expert areas.

Especially well in Baseball Statistics,
American League--no wonder, it was one
of his old subjects.

Lumpy Osgood, cameraman, heard him one
morning and told Hasgood Hetterly of
Good Morning Muncie!

Who had him on.

Now, Hasgood brought everything softly
around to sex–-this showbiz “edge” made
suitable to Hoosiers.

Impossible with our scholar since he knew
absolutely nothing in that area.

He threw out many baits but our chum
recited the batting averages of players of
Ukrainian origin.

“Don't ever tout me anyone like that again!”
Hasgood later cautioned Cameraman Lumpy.

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