Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Reality’s Basic Math

 -UNMEANING is now President!

-Will he shake the world, the nation, and, most
importantly, both parties?

-With no center, he’ll throw a couple of bones
to the Democrats. The bulk of his shit, though,
will be the usual Republican 1 percent trickle-
down fantasy that never works, never could
work, never will work!

-As if that mattered! What DOES work for
the -pubs?

-13 l/2 percent of their devious smear!

-That high? And dems?


-Nonsense! Probably much closer to the initial

-Tweedle dee, tweedle…?

-Close enough. What’s the real problem with
both, do you suppose?

-Like Vegas mobs, skimming too much off the top.

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