Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Criminal Justice, Creative Branch

-You're the nicest criminal yet!

-Thanks. One and done! The guy
was insulting, and I had been
in a frenzy. My girlfriend having
left with most of my clothes.

-Her new fella your size?

-You got it!

-Well, anyway, Simple Assault.
Another shit case to clog the

-Sorry. Not really interesting,
I know.

-Here comes the deal from the
printer. Here! Just sign it.

-Sure! Get it over with! Uh?
Whoa! This is entirely wrong,
I'm afraid. Lots of...financial
double-dealing it looks like.

-We...need someone to admit to
this one.

-But...as much as I'd like to...!

-No jail time! Guaranteed! Maybe
dismissed off the bat from lack
of evidence. Whereas your shitty
little infraction depends on the
judge's mood.

-Oh well then...easy come, easy go!
I become a respected...banker it
looks like...instead of a hothead.

-We’re rising you in status!

-And...can't stop laughing?

-It's the job!

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