Sunday, August 13, 2017


Two For Now

-President barking at the North Koreans
like a First Sergeant.

-Finding his stripes?

-When he does they’ll be penal!

-Got the poor gooks in a shit fit!

-What else is new?

-Nazis rioting in Charlottesville.

-Fascism got tired of creeping
and into full gallop?

-Ja whol!

-Why not throw in a few Seig Heils?

-Not quite time.

-I’m losing patience! Unless the Republicans
can return to their old aplomb in going up
our ass for their billionaire buddies, I’m turning
off on freaking politics entirely!

-Where are the aplombs of yesteryear?

-Annie barred the door!

-I thought that was Katy.

-She’ll do in a pinch.

-Bring in the chorus girls anyway! Who can stand the rest?

-Wonderful! But we gotta flush out the clowns first.

-Clown-Flushing the greatest skill known to man.

-How about to women?

-They just laugh.


-There’s another way?


-No more of that drizzly shit for me ! Everybody laughed.

-Let them snort coke!

-Marie Antoinette said that.

-From the basket?

-Yeah, the original Talking Head!

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