Thursday, April 20, 2017


The More Things Change

-What you think of this New Right?

-Like the Old Version, they think that
cruelty is wit.

-Homeless and Unemployed a barrel of laughs!

-It’s useless to legislate for lazy crazies!



-The fewer the better!


-Means the freedom to buy what’s required.

-And if I require a Congressman?

-Go for it!

-Stepping over bodies?

-Never wear your good shoes!

-My sacrifice for Justice!

-How much can you afford?

-Plenty! I hold that Truth to be self-evident.


-Along with my dick!

-Are we reducing the Nation to your pecker?

-Love of Country is shown in many ways!

-And I thought you were just a thieving tax-cheating  son of a bitch!

-Spell that P-A-T-R-I-O-T!

-Are we done here?

-Not till the prayer.

-Then I wanna look at the schedule.

-Yes! Let’s not miss the Reichstag Fire!

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