Wednesday, July 06, 2022



 Woman forgot nothing marries--adds 

to everyone's burdens presently! 

Except Groom’s, a steady-state-

drunk laughing this newest farce 

away. Both tribes despair

at the ludicrous match, fret

fate of Clans' staid bourgeois

reputations when kids erratically born? 

So what? Life, itself, struggles

regardless. "Big Deal!" tee-

totales she between his un-

conscionable belts of crap-booze: 

Endless Loop! 

Yeah, but our Bride smells nice still! 

Meantime Groom-Souse drops vile 

poop, proclaiming the grunting-while

his muddled stores of bitterly disagreeing knowledge as the only way to begin getting anywhere in learned discourse. For answer, she 

giggles here and there as to him as 

“#1 sexy bastard going!” (referencing 

those few times he’s half-sober…

or brutally hungover.)

They’ve bought motorcycle!

She, only, drives for he's

forever fogged when plotting

to seek a license.

But and a MUST! She’s only happy In CONTROL. That never, ever, has 

changed. Nor will. 

Uh, True Love, then, knows more

then it lets on? That awfully Weird, 


Nope. Is what is...just is!

That's all.

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Friday, July 01, 2022


Beautiful American Rule


How Justice

performs what's required here:

Higher court, snugger fit. (Repeat

thrice in obedient rhythm

to nice, warm, upliltings

from such legal, soulish


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Monday, June 27, 2022


Begrimed Old Party


Not news the Principled Right

parades its fool-acidic wins.

Gloating terminates all

cruel streaks. 

Welcome to America! But be-

HAVE yo-selfs, Mose'n Missy. 


The Man off! For

Murdering the Lawed

by twist-knife rule 

the least in HIS nightmarish 


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Thursday, June 23, 2022


Commercial Baseball


Tonight highlights 

the requisite

number of players, 9,

attempting to re-

semble themselves 

being roles. It's 



An interview post-

abstracted error proves

vaguely contrite.

(Thence to tart selves

beside these.)

Fans go insane, leap electric-

ally at clearer happenings.

A loud drive off the bat

cannot be snared, departs,

thus, the demarcated field.

This proves noisier yet for 

your fortunate team. Poor

for the other bunch, gimlet-

ing overlong as haughty gesture 

of futility. & so what 

do YOU do?

Fraud with More Rules?

& which takes greater

time?...if anything

does, to drop thee 

of any proper absence 

feigning authenticity.

Anyway, forget present 

for timing’s precedent,

the replay coming

so very simply,

before itself. Its nice pre-

cision surpassing

the original, just, for

Science maintains Hence

as Must. Of course,

any awakening fits.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2022




Brill Hops finally

makes  good on

his threat to leave 

the city’s doctors

for West Virginia’s

mountains. Granny

Woman comes thrice

weekly, grinds herbs

and washes his clothes

in icy streams.

She vetoes 

right away his 

wearing thickesh

underpants that trap pee 

against the skin. He’s 

to air out of mornings, 

walking naked through

nearby woods. And 

when cold or snow-

y did he rush! 

(Of course, after 

any school bus.)

One white-dapple day, as

he rested on a rock to catch

his breath, Mr Death

arrives before chipmunks. Then, 

Ranger-pair from Pipestem.

Welllll, Brill warned BEFORE this

by Darkness.

Lady Black Bear of 

his acquaintance.

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Sunday, June 05, 2022


By Moonlight

Desperate men say nothing

lightly. For sure revisiting 

landlord's black-eyed-daughter,

though HELL blocks etc way he informs her. A romantic, ...Highwayman yet!

Cravat, louses, etc, all the smear.

Buggy Crook with a horse! 

Rest of it talk, though not to her! 

She rides a musket finally.

Fatal. Unto her breasts; saving him from AMBUSH!

Now that there's Love...whatever.

I'm instructed to take two and hit to Right!

I do. Won't ever miss anything behaving.

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Friday, June 03, 2022


Writing now


come up

with words

for feel and sound...

change some round 

if apparent meaning intrudes.

Then, alter sense

for new melody.

etc. How end?


But must?


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Woman died in tortured sleep,


then forgot. 

Since mini-fridge in garage needed cleaning:

new rags already inside…alongside bottle

of Hawaiian Noon?

Too, Boy-underpants, fresh from film, with slit 

holding feather duster: Sorta object d'art?

Husband expires in pileup on I-4 two weeks ago.

Phoning?  Of him? She's too busy dusting.

Sips the coconut drink after, sitting on crates.

Wonders...legs wide in PJ live now?

Space-tshirt wonders also...

but NASA things.


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