Friday, May 30, 2014


Champion of Whatever

Solon and Aide

-Whatever happened to Fiercely Independent Champion
of the Working Man and Woman?

-Not a thing. You keep saying it!

-Won't your Wall Street Bankers get pissed?

-You don't get to be a Wall Street Banker unless you
know everything is bullshit.

-Or a Senator?

-Church Dude...whatever. You name it!

-And your favorite movie, The Sound of Music?

-And you’re (sings) a bird that is learning to sing.

-The NRA wants me blasted away.

-No rhyming in the office!

-Where do you stand on Gun Control?

-I don’t stand anywhere. For anything. I persuade.

-What are you persuading your gun nuts to...?

-Not to bring a bazooka to a pea-shooting contest.

-The latter weapon will be a great help when the black
and Hispanic Marauders come down the hill!

-I’m persuading ‘em: Stay up there!

-Let’s start casting you as Peacemaker!


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True dat.
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