Monday, June 09, 2014


Perpetual Debate Topic

-Well, more and more jobs! No mistaking
this recovery. At last!

-Pour me out another two fingers.

-You've been drinking my Democratic Scotch
for fifteen years!

-My Tea Partiers want it to be patriotic bourbon.

-And you better start paying for it. Show receipts
when you're hauled in.

-Hey! According to them, I should never be in your
impure company. But back to today's figures. You got permanently unemployed in there, not counted.

-Them. Once more into the breach!

-These simpletons will never work again. And you
Democrats don't give a shit!

-Historically, you Republicans never have! And never will!

-Yup, but don't know about the latter. Your nerdy scientists might get pigs flying yet.

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Neil's on da case. But flyin porkers could be dangerous. New repub logo?
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